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Natural relief from knee, hip and back pain

Natural relief from knee, hip and back pain

Have you ever asked yourself the question, "How do I stop the pain in my knees, hips and back?" 

There are multiple causes of pain in the body such as aching joints, nerve and muscular pain which can make even the simplest of activities much more difficult. If you or someone you know is suffering from hip, knee or back pain, then the information below could help lead you to find a solution to heal the real cause of the pain and discomfort to lead a pain free life.

How do I get pain relief from knees, hips and back?

Searching for pain relief

As a fitness expert, my role was to develop and create education content for personal trainers and fitness instructors. I was also a seasoned gym junkie for 20+ years and had attained a collection of various body aches and pain for all the years of dedication to the field.

I had a long list of ailments as a result, including constant muscular and joint pain in hips, knees and back which was debilitating and resulted in insomnia which impacted on my working life. I noticed my immune system was also affected, resulting in fatigue and a constant case of the sniffles.

In summary, I was diagnosed with arthritis, had lower back pain, tightness in the middle of the back, knee pain, sore hips and feet. I would spend thousands of dollars over the years to relieve the pain, by visiting Myotherapists, Physiotherapist and Chiropractors every three - four weeks.

After years of being sick and tired of being in pain and being sick and tired, I started to investigate alternative ways to relive pain, heal the joints, muscles and my health. I suddenly realised that no one had every addressed the real cause of all my pain, I had my symptoms helped every three - four weeks but the real cause of my pain had never been addressed for over 20+ years. My sessions generally involved a health professional focusing on the area of pain and manipulating that region of the body to get me out of pain, not one had ever said " Lets look at your entire body, your posture as one unit, and see if we can identify where the pain is actually stemming from."

The solution is simple, fix the cause of the problem not just the symptom

After a search for alternatives to pain relief, I discovered a one day 'Natural Walking' course which was developed in Australia. I was eager to learn how you could get out of pain naturally andwanted to understand the teaching methods of how to "age proof" knees and hips and prevent long term wear and tear on the back and joints.

During the Secrets of Natural Walking course, the instructor taught us how to recruit muscle fibres instead of relying on hip joints for support, how to place the feet straight and evenly as this has a direct correlation with muscular imbalances and how to swing our legs forward to recruit and engage the correct muscles instead of using the knee joint to pull the legs forward,

After completing the one day course I was equipped with 6 exercises to do at home for 30 minutes a day to change my walking and standing habits. After 6 weeks of practicing simple exercises at home, I was pain free, I couldn't believe it. I was sleeping better, standing taller and my joint pain started to disappear, I also noticed my immune system was better and there were other minor changes such as better digestion and more energy.

In May 2014 after three months of pain free living, I jumped on a plane and flew to LA to complete the natural walking instructor training so I could share this remarkable program with others.

How to relieve pain

The body has the ability to heal and be pain free but the way we use our body in our daily lives blocks the natural healing abilities. We rest on our joints which can lead to arthritis. We twist our muscle fibres when walking which can result in the pelvis shifting and twisting creating imbalances in the pelvis which lead to wear and tear, back pain and even digestive problems.

Consider that no-one has ever taught us how to walk or how to swing our legs and place our feet. Every human has their own style which has created imbalances from the feet upwards. There are differences in the left and right from foot placement, there is often a lack of muscle recruitment particularly in the back of the legs such as the gluteals and the hamstrings and there is usually some habit formed that relies on a dominant lead leg. You can often see the difference on left and right from the way the bottom shoes have been worn.

The solution to relieve pain in the body naturally is to complete the one-day 'Secrets of natural Walking' course. Your walking and standing will be assessed, you will learn how to use all the muscles, instead of relying on joints, particularly hips and knees and how to naturally engage the muscles of the core and torso.

One day course to step away from pain

Natural walking courses are frequently held in various locations all over the world.

11000 + people can't be wrong, here are the testimonials

What others have experienced

I am incredibly grateful to have discovered the natural walking course in 2014. Since that time I have had the ability to share the courses around Australia and see significant changes in peoples health and well being. For me personally, the transformations have been life changing. I haven't had to visit a physical therapist since 2014, I have seen dramatic changes in my health, insomnia and of course I am now pain free.

For more information; Visit the international site 'Secrets of Natural Walking' or contact me for more information.

Donna Ellerton

Well Body and Spirit


Age Proof Knees and Hips

Learn simple take home techniques at our Secrets of Natural Walking courses

Improve posture, heal pain in the body naturally

Our posture and the way we walk and stand can cause imbalances and pain in the body

Walk and stand without pain

Walk and stand correctly, using the muscles of the body and learn to activate the bodies natural healing abilities.

Becoming Mindful


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