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About Well Body and Spirit

Well Body and Spirit is an Australian business offering workshops, courses, events and digital downloads to educate and support people in accessing wellness resources and in finding a sense of peace and calmness in our busy world. We offer regular events that are open to the public and in house events for businesses including; Meditation, Mindfulness, Walking & Posture and Health and Wellness. The Corporate events are offered in house and vary in length from 1 - 3 hours to 1 - 2 days.

about wellness

Public Wellness Courses

Public events, courses and workshops to enhance well being. These courses include ‘Pop Up’ events which are designed to give a quick shot of wellness! Our regular events for the public include Meditation, Mindfulness, Walking & Posture and Health and Wellness. We can schedule events for groups of ten or more or you may wish to join us at an open event. We hope to see you soon!

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Corporate Courses

Communication, collaboration and coherence are vital ingredients for a successful business, we offer 1 - 2 day courses offering tools and techniques for better connections in the work environment . Our workshops and events are designed to enhance the work environment and include; In house meditation and mindfulness courses in the workplace, Health and Well being and Walking and posture workshops.

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Walking and Posture

The way we walk, sit and stand impacts our health, mental health and wellbeing. Our walking and posture courses teach how to place the feet, how to engage all the muscles in the body while walking and standing instead of resting on hips knees and joints etc which can lead to injury and pain.


Meet our Wellness coach

Donna Ellerton is an International presenter, trainer, wellness coach, author and creator of several fitness and wellness programs around the world, specialising in the health, wellness and fitness industry. Her message encompasses all aspects of being well including having a healthy body image and finding a sense of peace and calmness in our busy world. 

Donna Ellerton is from Australia and has spent most of her working and personal life travelling Australia and the globe presenting wellness, fitness and health education and training programs to fitness instructors, medical professionals, corporates and the general public. She loves to help people grow, develop and find a sense of peace and calmness in the busy world.

Donna has been a professional educator and program developer for health and wellness for over 20 years. As a sought after presenter, she was approached to develop fitness instructor courses in Europe and upon returning to Australia developed a series of professional education courses for Fitness instructors, which were developed into a world first Online education platform.

As a wellness professional, she was genuinely concerned about the health in the broader community, as she witnessed the rise in obesity, health problems and mental health issues. From there she started to share her knowledge and expertise at a series of free public events which offered realistic methods to create change. As a business entrepreneur and author, Donna began to share the information as a private keynote speaker for many corporate organisations, developing life changing presentations that offered a behavioural health outcome.

Donna now presents and delivers health, wellness and fitness education to the public and corporate sector in Australia through her business ‘Well Body and Spirit’ www.wellbodyandspirit.com. She encourages people to integrate the skills into their lives for life changing results and benefits.